Certification Benefits

The certificate that accompanies a GSA Certified product benefits the product's manufacturer as much as the product's operator, going beyond simple acknowledgement of a correct implementation of a GSA standard. The certificate signifies the community of support behind the product and its interoperability with other GSA Certified products beyond the date of its certification.

GSA Certified Product:

  • Certified to correctly implement functionality within a GSA standard and to meet the product certification requirements defined for that standard.
  • The implementation was tested by a qualified ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.
  • The certification details and current status are publicly available here.
  • Feedback on the product can be submitted by anyone registered in the GSA Certification Program. The Certification Authority evaluates all feedback and, when appropriate, initiates fault resolution process in accordance with the policies defined in the program guide.
  • Confirmed faults in the product's implementation of a GSA standard must be addressed by the appropriate parties (manufacturer, test lab, the Certification Authority, and/or GSA) according to the fault resolution process referenced above.