The Gaming Standards Association has contracted RadBlue, a company with a history of building development tools for GSA's protocols, to develop the Compliance Verification Tool, or CVT.

This tool is available for purchase by members and non-members directly from RadBlue.

GSA, the world's leading standards-setting organization for the gaming industry, has been speeding supplier time to market, increasing operator creativity, and providing regulators with peace of mind. The development of this tool will further that mission.

The G2S protocol has become the new standard for the industry. Now, an automated compliance verification tool will ensure that games and systems are properly implementing the protocol. The tool is designed to be easy to operate but, at the same time, contains advanced logic to thoroughly verify that a product is in compliance with the requirements of the protocol.


  • Compliance testing at the point of software creation will significantly reduce implementation errors, as well as Q/A overhead, and will speed up time to market.
  • A single CVT tool will provide repeatable results, generating immediate and significant value for the industry.
  • The cost of GSA certification testing by Independent Test Labs (ITL) will drop significantly – automation will benefit the manufacturers as well as the ITLs.
  • Operators will significantly benefit from the increased interoperability resulting from the use of the CVT tool.

More Information

For more information, please contact To purchase a site license, please contact Russ Ristine, at RadBlue.