Testing Tools

G2S Tool

GSA has contracted RadBlue, a company with a history of building development tools for GSA's protocols, to develop the Compliance Verification Tool, or CVT for the G2S protocol.

The G2S protocol is the new standard for the industry. Now, an automated compliance verification tool will ensure that games and systems are properly implementing the protocol. The tool is designed to be easy to operate but, at the same time, contains advanced logic to thoroughly verify that a product is in compliance with the requirements of the protocol.

RadBlue will be leveraging their experience, products, and technology to complete the CVT for the core classes of G2S 1.1 and 2.1 within the next 9 months. RadBlue expects full completion of all classes of G2S 1.1 and 2.1 within two years.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Compliance testing at the point of software creation will significantly reduce implementation errors, as well as Q/A overhead, and will speed up time to market.
  • A single CVT tool will provide repeatable results, generating immediate and significant value for the industry.
  • The cost of GSA certification testing by Independent Test Labs (ITL) will drop significantly – automation will benefit the manufacturers as well as the ITLs.
  • Operators will significantly benefit from the increased interoperability resulting from the use of the CVT tool.

Compliance Verification Tool (CVT) Site Licenses are available for GSA Members only. The cost of the site license is $75,000. The annual support fee for the Compliance Verification Tool is $15,000.

For more information, please contact sec@gamingstandards.com. To purchase a site license, please contact Russ Ristine, at RadBlue.

GDS Tool

GSA’s GDS Committee has developed a diagnostics and compliance testing system* comprised of the following: USB Diagnostic Suite, which includes:

  • Test Application software
  • Host driver and driver plug-ins for each device**, including: Coin Acceptor, Coin Hopper, Note Acceptor, and Printer
  • Diagnostic and compliance testing user interface plug-ins for each device
  • HID Class Arcade Device driver DLL and LIB
  • Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) plug-in
* All components work on Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP environments. ** The Device Driver plug-in is an interface between the device (via the host driver) and the Test Application. The plug-in is built upon the Arcade Device DDK prototype.

This tool is available only to members of GSA.

SAS Tool

GSA is no longer providing change management or support for SAS or the SAS Toolkit.

For specific questions about SAS please send your request to sasman@igt.com.

GSA created a toolkit for use by implementers of the protocol. GSA members, at the Silver level or above, may have this toolkit at no charge provided all non-disclosure requirements with IGT have been met. To request a toolkit, please fill out this form.