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The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) is committed to playing a key role both in Europe and North America by facilitating debate, dialogue and collaboration in the creation of technical gaming standards.

GSA Europe works with both the policy and industry domains to better understand the needs of these sectors and to foster regional collaboration for the creation and adaptability of suitable technological solutions. Guided by this mission, GSA's primary aim in Europe is to bridge the current gap in the gaming debate concerning technical requirements and to create an interactive and trusted platform amongst the policy and industry domains that will lead to the creation of solutions yielding benefits to all stakeholders.

Europe remains a leader in the adoption and implementation of sector specific regulatory frameworks in the area of online gambling and betting. As more gaming markets are reformed and online activity spreads and grows in Europe, enhanced by the spread of smart-phones and tablets, regulation and technical requirements remain fragmented along (Member) State boundaries. This is leading to technical inconsistencies, costly burdens, constraints and delays to market for gaming providers active and licensed in more than one jurisdiction.

At this advanced stage of regulatory development and with the fast pace of the gaming market evolution in Europe, there is an increased focus on technical compliance presenting challenges for both regulators, operators, and manufacturers.

GSA believes that the adoption of a common technical messaging standard, which allows for enhanced integration and interoperability between systems, would facilitate and enhance compliance capabilities for the providers/operators and, at the same time; monitoring functions and capabilities for the regulators.

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