White Papers

11/12/2012 GSA Report: Online Gaming, Exploring Strategies for GSA
12/01/2010 A Collaborative Effort of the Human Resource Development for the Electronic Gaming Market in Macao
05/21/2010 G2S Over WAN - Message Sizing Study
05/21/2010 GSA Protocols in a Wide-Area Network (WAN) Environment
11/16/2009 Standards Certification: Opening Doors to Industry Growth
09/25/2009 Setting New Standards for Gaming Performance and Innovation
01/08/2008 The Advantages of GSA Open Standards: The Role of S2S and G2S Technology in Efficiency, Innovation and Increased Revenue
05/10/2004 The Economic Conditions for Adoption of a Universal Communication Protocol by the Gaming Industry: An Analytical Map
11/14/2003 Why Standards Are Important
10/26/2003 BOB and LDAP
08/15/2002 Best of Breed (BOB) Standard: A Discussion of the Solutions and Benefits BOB Brings to the Industry, and the Goals and Development Plans for the Standard
02/15/2000 Software Verification and Authentication in a Gaming Device
07/25/1999 An Exploration Of Why USB (Universal Serial Bus) Would Be A Good Choice For Inside The Slot Machine Communications.