G2S: Game to System

The Game to System (G2S) standard, which is merged from the BOB and SuperSAS protocols, is based on proven computer industry standard technologies, such as Ethernet, TCP/IP and XML which will allow the industry to migrate to downloadable games and other new technology, such as client / server games, Intranet and Internet environments, while still maintaining the games of today, well into the future.

GAT: Game Authentication Terminal

The Game Authentication Terminal (GAT) protocol is used by regulators and operators to identify and authenticate gaming software and firmware in the field.

GDS: Gaming Device Standard

The Gaming Device Standard (GDS) protocol is GSA's USB-based serial protocol used to connect gaming devices with peripheral devices such as printers, note acceptors, and card readers.

S2S: System to System

GSA's System to System (S2S) communications protocol helps untangle the jumbled web of casino back-of-house network interfaces.

XPT: Transport

The transport is comprised of two primary protocols and WSDLs for the G2S and S2S protocols. The two actual transport protocols are the point to point and the multicast protocols. The point to point protocol provides guaranteed delivery and ensures that messages are received in the proper sequence.