G2S: Game To System

G2S is the protocol that connects the slot machine (EGM – Electronic Gaming Device) to the host systems.

Game to System (G2S) is a communication protocol that unlocks the power of networked gaming and revolutionizes the way information is exchanged between Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) and back-of-house systems. G2S (game to system) is the protocol that connects the slot machine (EGM – Electronic Gaming Device) to the host systems. This protocol enables software download, remote configuration, and remote software verification, which are completely new features for the class III gaming industry.

G2S is comprised of multiple classes. Each class is responsible for supporting a specific function such as voucher, cabinet, printer, communications, handpay, etc. Each of these classes has specific commands and responses to support the function described in the class name. Also, each class must have an owner host. These hosts may be separate and distinct servers, may all be owned by a single owner host or may be any combination thereof. This capability provides a great deal of freedom for operators who want the flexibility to purchase different hosts from different manufacturers.

G2S also supports the concept of a guest host. The guest host is a "read only" type of host that can issue commands and subscribe to events but cannot control the function of the class. Another unique feature of G2S is ability to set up authorizing hosts. These hosts may be registered with the EGMs and when a change in software or configuration is requested, the authorizing hosts must specifically allow the change to occur or the change times out and fails (the change is not made). This feature, along with the remote software verification, provides new capabilities to gaming regulators and casino operators who want to make sure they know what is on the casino floor.

G2S also has a unique subscription service that allows host systems to subscribe to events that occur on an EGM. The subscription service allows a host system to subscribe to only the events, and therefore the information, that it needs to accomplish its function. It doesn’t have to sift through all the information on the floor.

More about the events — there are literally hundreds of events available in G2S. Every possible thing the development committee could think of that could occur on an EGM has been covered by an event. By subscribing to events you can track the EGM through all the steps of every process it goes through. You can also ask for all the data (meter changes, status, errors, etc.) associated with the event or you can just get the event as a notification.