G2S: Version History

3.0 March 2016 Corrections and clarifications.

Command Processing Requirements Relaxed - improves processing efficiency.

Message Acknowledgement Requirements Relaxed - improves processing efficiency.

XML Information Sets (EXI) Supported - improves processing efficiency.

Mystery Jackpots - adds native support for mystery jackpots.

EGM-Controlled Signs - allows jackpot values to be mapped to sign positions.

Standalone Progressive Controllers - used to configure and manage embedded progressive controllers.

Host-to-Content Communications - allows messages to be sent directly to content running in PUI windows.

Content-to-Content Communications - used to configure communications between content running in PUI windows.

Native Resolution Option for PUI Content - provides an option to scale content or run it at its native resolution.

Multiple ID Readers for Player Tracking - allows multiple ID readers to trigger player tracking sessions.

Optimal Strategy Reporting for Poker Games - supports deeper analysis of player behavior.

Game Audit, Logic Seal, and Illegal Door Open Features - addresses specific Australian requirements.

Snapshot Meters - allows meter snapshots to be persisted when certain events occur.

Number of Lines and Bet per Line in Game-Play Logs - supports deeper analysis of player behavior.

Max Denom, Max Bet, and Continuous Play Options for Responsible Gaming - extends the number of options available to responsible gaming systems.

Jackpot Multiplier and Wager Match Meters - supports better analysis of jackpot-multiplier and wager-match bonuses.

Mechanism for Detecting When a Voucher System Is OffLine - addresses regulatory requirements.

PIN Formats and Encryption - improves interoperability.

cancelVerification Command Added to the GAT Class - helps to avoid unnecessary calculations.

Maximum Payback Percentage - used to enforce maximum payback percentage for progressive games.

Offline Handpay Vouchers - addresses jurisdictional requirements.

Non-Validated Handpay Receipts - addresses jurisdictional requirements.

2.1 April 2012

Various corrections and clarifications.

All manufacturer extensions to date (1a thru 1i)

Reel Tilt Extensions - addresses regulatory concerns.

Configuration Extensions - improved configuration control.

Max/Min Payback% Extensions - addresses a regulatory concerns.

Restart Status Extensions - allows the EGM to return its previous state upon restart.

Transport State Extensions - improved transport status reporting.

Time Zone Extensions - allows scheduling of daylight saving changes.

Multi-Language Extensions - adds multi-language support to player tracking.

Progressive Contribution Extensions - supports multiple methods of calculating progressive contribution.

Multiple Voucher Device Extensions - allows more than one host to redeem vouchers - e.g. cash-out voucher vs coupon.

Occupancy Meter - tracks the amount of time that an EGM is occupied by a player.

Audit Meters - support for a daily persisted meter snapshot.

Player Registration Requirements - support for anonymous players and player tracking opt out.

Player Communications Requirements - additional options for displaying messages to players.

PUI Software Content Types - clarify required levels Flash and HTML support.

tournament class - supports a wide variety of EGM tournaments.

employee class - supports employee tracking and problem reporting.

Other minor extensions.

1.1 March 2011 Initial Release