OGC: Online Gaming Committee

The Online Gaming Committee address a broad range of communications needs in the online gaming space. These include communications between gaming platforms and third-party game services, communications between gaming platforms and central monitoring (regulatory) systems, and communications between gaming platforms and back-end service providers such as payment processors and geo-location services.

A History of GSA and Online Gaming

In June of 2010, GSA held its first “Internet Gaming Study” Group (IGS) at the suggestion of one of our European members. In June of that same year, and after the contribution of our member companies, GSA issued its first ever Internet Gaming Standards Report.

The IGS continued to meet and the GSA Board of Directors tasked the S2S Committee to continue evaluating the issues and to make recommendations for adjusting GSA’s protocols accordingly.

In 2012, to further support Online Gaming, the Board asked Random Consulting to product a report on the State of Online Gaming in the industry.

In 2013 GSA held a workshop with the regulatory community to discuss the Online Gaming Messaging Standard for regulatory monitoring. At the time, an online gaming survey was commissioned to further study the issue.

Later that year, with the support of our members, the Board formed the Online Gaming Committee (OGC) within GSA. The charter for the committee can be found here. Several large Online Gaming companies joined the organization at this time.

In 2016 and 2017, the OGC continues to meet and is in the process of producing several new standards. At this time, GSA is the only standards development organization in gaming that focuses on doing the technical work of creating and producing gaming standards.

For more information on GSA and Online Gaming, and how you can participate, please see our membership guidelines and forms here.