GSA at G2E 2004 – by our standards, the world just got a whole lot more profitable!

The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) has been a proud sponsor of the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) for the past 3 years. G2E is the only gaming trade show and conference by the industry and for the industry. Organized jointly by the American Gaming Association (AGA) and Reed Exhibitions, G2E is the pre-eminent event for the worldwide gaming-entertainment industry. As in past years, G2E will happen October 5-7, 2004, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA. G2E also will feature the G2E Training & Development Institute on October 4, 2004, a highly anticipated conference that happens in conjunction with the show.

GSA will be a major presence at the show! In addition to sponsoring a 20x40 Booth (Booth #73, in an excellent location), GSA will have three 1 hour-long sessions during the Training and Development Institute.

The Gaming Standards Association’s booth will be a wide open and colorful space with a large circular sign hanging from the ceiling to gain maximum visibility on the show floor. GSA’s booth can be found close to the entry doors to the show floor, close to registration.

At the GSA booth, attendees will be able to get up to date with the activities of our committees, view the actual documented standards, see what’s up with our compliance program, and watch practical applications of the standards being demonstrated! Those coming to our booth will be able to learn how they can obtain and utilize GSA standards through our many reasonable membership and licensing options. We invite the industry to come see GSA standards in action!

The BOB (Best of Breed) committee will be featuring their two newly ratified standards, BOB Message standard (v1.00) and BOB Transport and Security over SOAP/HTTPS standard (v1.00), and will be demonstrating the new development suite of tools created to help game and system developers easily implement the standards. The bottom line for the industry is that the new standards and tools will provide operators with dramatically improved control over their gaming floor. Here’s how:

  • On game start-up, the game conveys the intimate details of all of its peripherals to the system, allowing the operator to easily discover which games contain a version of firmware that has recently been identified as having a problem, or requires a mandatory update.
  • BOB allows the operator to manage their slot floor by tuning which game combinations are being presented to the player, and by providing performance information for each of the available game combinations which can be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the tuning decisions...
  • The S2S (System-to-System) committee will also be featuring their newly ratified standard, S2S Messaging (v1.00). Committee members will be present to explain to attendees the benefits of the new standard to the industry, such as:

  • Creation of a standardized protocol between gaming systems and peripheral systems (such as kiosks, currency counters, master accounting systems, etc.)
  • Invention of protocols that allow the consolidation of accounting and voucher data between disparate Class 2 gaming systems, thereby enabling a consolidated accounting report and gaming vouchers that work on all machines in the property.
  • In addition to this, a demonstration of the standard in action, with a real kiosk and slot machine, will be shown.

    The GDS (Gaming Device Standard) committee will demonstrate the variety of peripherals that can be utilized through their standards; GDS Bar Coded Tickets (v1.00), GDS Coin Hopper (v1.00), GDS Note Acceptor (v1.00), and GDS Coin Acceptor (v1.00). These standards are designed to give various peripherals plug and play functionality, affecting your bottom line by providing the method by which any gaming machine can easily communicate with any GDS compliant device (much in the same manner as PCs work with plug and play devices).

    Live demonstrations have been scheduled to show GSA standards in action daily, throughout the show! For the full schedule of events, visit the GSA website at

    Visitors to the booth will also be able to catch up on the progress of GSA’s compliance program, highlights of the SAS Toolkit (details on how to purchase can be found on GSA’s website, and details of the progress of our Regulatory Advisory Committee (RAC). There will also be the opportunity to take part in GSA’s daily drawing, featuring exciting prizes sponsored by some of GSA’s leading member companies.

    GSA will also feature speakers at G2E’s Training and Development Institute (specific times and details can be found on the G2E website at under conference program link). The sessions will cover the following topics:

    1. GSA’s BOB and S2S standards focus on utilizing existing and commonly acceptable computer industry standards such as TCP/IP, HTTP, XML, Telnet, Ethernet and others. So how does a casino go about implementing BOB and S2S and bringing the future to the gaming floor? One session will explain the technical aspects and requirements of BOB and S2S, highlighting the current work on the BOB Toolkit, and discussing possible migration strategies.

    2. GSA’s BOB protocol standard clears the way for an explosive increase in innovation. Its highly capable and extendable protocol allows for feature-rich messaging that opens the door to the future, including downloadable games and much more. This session will explore the virtually limitless possibilities BOB brings to the industry, a perspective from the Operator community, and the impact the innovations may have on customers.

    3. The Gaming Standard Association’s mission is to facilitate the identification, definition, development, promotion, and implementation of open standards to enable innovation, education, and communication. But why is this important to the gaming industry? The technical business of gaming can be expensive, especially when games don’t talk to systems or systems don’t talk to each other. Construction of interfaces can be time-consuming and expensive. Switching systems frequently means new interfaces have to be developed, tested and deployed. Standards break down barriers, lower labor costs and increase “up” time, resulting in higher profits. Another session will plainly discuss the importance of standards to the industry, and to the bottom line.

    We’re pleased to say that GSA’s member companies will have a strong presence at the show. GSA’s membership has tripled over the past 2 years and is currently 72 members strong. Members at the show include: 3M Touch Systems (booth 4569), Aristocrat Technologies (booth 3646), Astro Systems Inc. (booth 4600), Atronic (booth 4254), BMM International (booth 6319), Bally Gaming & Systems (booth 4210), Cadillac Jack (booth 3666), CashCode Company, Inc. (booth 5735), Casino Technology (booth 6121), Coin Mechanisms, Inc. (booth 5847), Densitron Technologies (booth 492), Elo TouchSystems (booth 5749), Flint & K, Inc. (booth 472), GameTech International, Inc. (booth 1835), Gaming Laboratories International, Inc. (GLI) (booth 5900), Giesecke & Devrient (booth 5835), Global Payment Technologies (booth 5307), Glory (U.S.A.) Inc. (booth 5951), Gold Club d.o.o. (booth 4969), Himecs Co., Ltd. (booth 5748), International Currency Technologies (booth 572), JCM American Corporation (booth 4734), Konami Gaming Inc. (booth 4266), Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (booth 1333), Mikohn Corporation (booth 4901), Money Controls (booth 5715), NRT Technology Corporation (booth 5871), R. Franco USA (booth 3766), Spielo (booth 5153), Summit Amusement & Distributing (booth 4535), Transact Technologies (booth 5853), UNLV International Gaming Institute (booth 1238), Unidesa Gaming & Systems (booth 5101), Universal Distributing of Nevada, Inc. (booth 5129), Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. (booth 6301), WMS Gaming (booth 873). For a full list of GSA’s member companies, visit

    If you are a member company of GSA and would like to participate in G2E or would like more information, please contact Christine Freytag at If you’re not a member of GSA yet, and would like to be, visit our website to fill out our on-line membership application. It can be found at

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