Member Update

GSA members should know that GSA has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last year. GSA’s membership just hit an all-time high of 72 member companies!

As GSA prepares for its major showing at the Global Gaming Expo, members can feel assured that progress since our last newsletter has been rolling right along.

GSA will deliver the GSA BOB development suite and the second in a series of Best of Breed Protocols, the BOB Transport and Security over SOAP and HTTPS in time for the G2E trade show. Previews of the first versions of the GDS Peripheral Device standards on Bar Coded Tickets, Coin Hoppers, Note Acceptors and Coin Acceptors, currently under final member review will also be on display at G2E, which are anticipated to be approved by November. The S2S Technical Committee is already moving forward on enhanced versions of S2S.

The GSA marketing committee has been hard at work planning GSA’s participation at the G2E tradeshow, which will feature a 20x40 foot booth, with a large GSA Banner overhead. Advertising and marketing opportunities have been aimed at promoting our members, so be prepared to see your company’s logo in prominent locations. A mailing will go out shortly to our members and friends of the industry highlighting our booth and inviting them to visit. GSA will also feature prominently in the G2E conference program on Monday, October 4. For full information on GSA’s events at G2E, visit the GSA website at

The big news for GSA members is however, the growth in membership. For a full list of our member companies, please visit the GSA website at

As you can see, GSA has been hard at work on standards and promoting the industry. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the excitement, please visit our website at

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