A Message From the President

Dear GSA members,

GSA has certainly delivered on the promise of 2004! For those of us who have been with GSA since its inception, it is gratifying to see the result of years of dedication from our member representatives. Changing an industry is quite a challenge. GSA’s goal of setting standards for communication on the slot floor will assist market seekers in our industry. Today GSA can announce to the world, "we have a plan; here it is."

In this issue of GSA’s newsletter, you’ll get a full update on what our dedicated and extraordinary technical committees have been doing to create our standards. Early on, GSA decided that in order to facilitate the implementation of our new standards, we would offer tools to the industry. These tools typically consist of sample code, simulators (with source code) and scripting engines to verify the implementation and assist with GSA compliance. GSA is also addressing the issue of support for those toolkits. A message board and change management mechanism is being established to provide product and standard support. It will allow legitimate licensors of our standards to post questions and obtain support. We will manage all product change requests and bug fixes through a dedicated software tool.

GSA is also growing at a fast pace. As companies come to realize the importance of standards, they are recognizing they need to have a say in what’s happening. Our newsletter features a full report on our newest members.

To provide support to all our overseas members and to better inform our membership about our standards, GSA will begin a restructure. The GSA Board of Directors is considering a new policy that includes holding Technical Committee meetings four times a year in 2005. Meetings will be open to all GSA members and on the first day a technical committee update will be provided to the membership. The intent is to provide members with the opportunity to provide direction for the development of future GSA standards. The subsequent days will have various active working committee meetings. GSA is planning meetings in Las Vegas, Chicago and two European venues. As part of the TC structure, GSA will establish an Architectural Oversight Committee. This committee will ensure consistency between the working committees.

GSA members and non-members may be asking themselves; will GSA be charging for its standards and products? The answer is yes, but on fair and reasonable terms to both members and non-members. Of course, one of the benefits of membership in GSA is that members will have a full license to implement our standards included in the price of membership, not to mention discounted rates on our development suites. Non-members fees will be higher, but still reasonable. Members currently support our operational budget, but the technical budget is being reserved solely for development and support of the products. GSA raises the funds for technical research and the development of toolkits through our voluntary slot machine funding program, the sales and subscription fees generated from the products, the non-member licensing fees of our standards, and of course, the dues from our member companies.

I would like to thank those members who have stepped up to the plate and provided additional financial support. I am looking forward to 2005 being the year of adoption.

Kind regards,

Peter DeRaedt
GSA President

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