A Message From the President

Dear GSA Members,

I am very proud to announce that in August the G2S committee finalized the G2S V1.0 standard. This standard describes in great detail the communication between gaming devices and the back of house systems. The G2S standard, in combination with a proposed standard by GSA's Transport committee will be the cornerstone of the industry moving forward and will unleash endless possibilities and opportunities that are impossible today. To put the efforts of the G2S committee into perspective you must take into account that in nine short months the group, comprised of at least 31 dedicated members, worked tirelessly to reach their goal. They have put forward more than 465 hours of teleconference calls, often 3 times per week, which resulted in more than 7,700 man hours of effort and a 1200 page standard document. Currently, GSA's Board of Directors is working to finetune the Association's IP Policy. As soon as the policy is finalized, the voting membership of GSA will be asked to ratify the new G2S standard. Once approved, it will be officially announced and become available for download from the GSA website.

To support GSA's compliance program we have taken a major step forward by signing an agreement with The Open Group. They will support GSA with the development of the acceptance criteria and conformance procedures for the test plans and the testing agencies. They will further act as the GSA compliance authority for Testing Agencies and the Test Suite developers.

Part of our mission is to educate the industry about our technology. To achieve this goal our organization has made a commitment to provide a $900,000 grant to the UNLV foundation that will allow us to establish two GSA professors in residence positions. Once these individuals are hired, courses will be designed in which the industry will be able to send their employees to UNLV to seek GSA certification for a specific standard.

Just as the colors of the spectrum converge to create white light, several GSA efforts are coming together to produce the bright light of change for the gaming industry. Envision five streams of colored light, each representing a significant commitment by GSA: member participation, implementation, demonstration, compliance certification and education. Together, they are helping to illuminate the future of the gaming industry. I am look forward to welcoming you at our G2E booth #3683.

Thank you for your continued trust and support in our Association.

Kind regards,

Peter DeRaedt, GSA President

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