The Official Newsletter of GSA - Fall 2008

A Message From the President

G2E 08 is quickly approaching and I am convinced we will witness exciting new products and applications driven by GSA standards. Since G2E 07, our committees have been buzzing with committed participation and discussions. As members draw closer to the SAS protocols end-of-life cycle, they have been working feverishly to implement our standards. GSA ready games and systems are being tested in many properties around the United States. However, no standard setting effort can be complete without a solid certification program so GSA began discussions to develop such a program almost two years ago. The certification program launched in June of this year with the primary goal to ensure or certify that standards are correctly implemented so that 'plug and play' will become a reality.

'To Certify' means:

  1. to attest as certain; give reliable information of
  2. to testify to or vouch for in writing
  3. to guarantee; endorse reliably

In partnership with ISO 17025 accredited testing agencies, GSA's certification authority will issue a certificate of compliance that a standard or parts of the standard have been correctly implemented based on the test results of the accredited testing agencies. Tests are performed based on the validation of the ISO 17025 process that include a GSA scope document for the specific standard.

An important component of the certification process is the built-in mechanism that allows for feedback. This is essential in order to continuously increase the quality of the certifications but it relies on the industry to work together with GSA, its committees, manufacturers, operators and regulators.

The certification web site provides a wealth of information at Someone can register and submit a request to have a product certified by a GSA accredited certification agency as well as Operators can search the database of approved products and receive the details of exactly what functionality a specific certified product supports.

GSA is committed to continuously enhance the program to serve the gaming industry and welcome all suggestions. We intend to ensure that the GSA certification mark is synonymous with quality. As the number of certifications grow so will the usefulness of the program. Come and visit us at G2E booth #2192 to discuss in more detail.

Peter DeRaedt, GSA President

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