The Official Newsletter of GSA - Fall 2009

A Message From the President

The Operator Advisory Committee (OAC) - Why should I care?

At the end of last year 2008, GSA held an open meeting for operators which was very successful as 13 operators attended the meeting. Questions ranged from membership structure to voting rights to our governing policies to how to get involved and what tools GSA made available to facilitate the dialogue between members.

GSA established the OAC to collect requirements and prioritize operator business needs. These requirements would then be aligned with the standards development process. Under the new leadership of Chair Jeff Wyton and Vice-Chair Klaus Peltsch, the OAC policy was recently modified to further clarify its purpose. The OAC is committed to addressing issues that affect the industry at large and is moving ahead at fast pace.

Today the OAC meetings are well attended. The issues being addressed range from Player Interface requirements and the definition of required messages to support regional solutions, to discussions on the use of GSA standards in a Wide Area Network environment. During the July meeting the Board for the first time approved the list of priorities presented by the OAC thereby instructing the committees to find solutions for these business requirements.

As a result of the operator's requests, GSA has underwritten a project to investigate the feasibility of the deployment of GSA protocols in a WAN environment. The findings will be made available to the industry through the GSA web site. In addition the committee has organized a Player Interface Workshop that is open to the operator community. It will take place on September 22 starting at 9:00am in the M Resort in Las Vegas. I encourage all operators to participate at this forum. You can register for the event at

As the market adopts GSA technology, the OAC will become the only open organization through which operator members can drive their business requirements in the upcoming standards. We believe it provides the operator community with a powerful voice in all future product releases.

To all the current operators who are part of the OAC thank you for your input on shaping the future of our industry.

Peter DeRaedt, GSA President

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