The Official Newsletter of GSA - Spring 2009

Technical Committee Update

As 2009 begins the first quarter, GSA’s technical committee chairs held elections for the upcoming year. The January Technical Meetings were held in Hillegom, Netherlands and hosted by GSA member company Gaming Laboratories International, LLC. This was our second annual European meeting and a successful event. Congratulations to our 2009 Chairs and Vice-Chairs which are listed below:

Jeff Wyton, Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, Chair Operator Advisory Committee
Klaus Peltsch, Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation, Vice-Chair Operator Advisory Committee
Kevin Higgins, IGT, Chair G2S Committee
Alan Sheldon, Aristocrat Technologies, Vice-Chair G2S Committee
Dan Milligan, Video Gaming Technologies, Chair S2S Committee
Sony Syamala, Aristrocrat Technologies, Vice-Chair S2S Committee
Tony Green, Bally Technologies, Chair Transport Committee
Dale Buchholz, WMS Gaming, Vice-Chair Transport Committee
John Hilbert, FutureLogic, Inc., Chair GDS Committee
Abdul Ali, Aristocrat, Vice-Chair GDS Committee
Ken McNichols, IGT, Chair SAS Committee
Shawn Falstrom, Bally Technologies, Vice-Chair SAS Committee

The G2S Committee Chair, Kevin Higgins of IGT reports the G2S committee has compiled a new 2.0.1 errata version and will be voting it into existence in March. Also included is a new companion document that lists the protocol clarifications included in this new version. This document is infinitely useful in providing guidance for developers and helps to spread the knowledge of the G2S committee throughout the GSA’s Member companies. Additionally, the committee has given the final approval for the first public extension to the G2S protocol and the documents are available on the GSA website for free download. The committee also posted the certification criteria for G2S. The requirements allow for G2S certification for EGMs for all parts of the protocol with the host requirements following shortly.

Dan Milligan of Video Gaming Technologies, the S2S Committee Chair, reports the committee voted to send the first chapters of the 2.0 version of the protocol to the Board for review. The committee will soon be reviewing the final formatting on the next nine chapters for the 2.0 version and have them out for Member Comment. The committee voted to remove delta meters from the new version of the protocol given the issues and potential overhead required in order to support them. In its place the committee has proposed the concept of "normalized life to date" meters. In the mean time the committee has approved the inclusion of two extensions, GAT and financialTransaction, to the S2S 1.3 version. The extensions will also be incorporated into the new version of the protocol as regular chapters. During our most recent face to face meetings in Amsterdam, we welcomed new members to the S2S committee and expect to see the protocol expand into new areas as these companies come on board and bring in new ideas.

Tony Green of Bally Technologies, Transport Committee Chair, reports the committee has addressed all the issues for the Multicast Transport protocol that were raised during the Member Comment period and the committee will be voting the new version 1.1 into the Member Vote period in March. This is the final step before releasing the protocol to the GSA website for free download. The Point to Point protocol will follow shortly thereafter. The new Multicast protocol is much improved and includes more information, additional charts, updates to charts and the addition of more clarifying information. Also, several new appendices were added and include one for UMAC and UMAC-AE test vectors, examples of MTP payload with encryption, and others with each containing useful information that will assist both in development and in testing.

The GDS Committee Chair, John Hilbert, FutureLogic, Inc. reports the committee is focusing on creating a certification process for GSA peripheral devices. Members of the committee and non-members are contributing samples of their products that have working GDS implementations. GLI and BMM are working with the GDS committee in developing a certification process for GDS peripheral equipment. Other than minor changes to various protocol documents, the GDS committee will focus on certification for the rest of this year.

Ken McNichols of IGT, the SAS Protocol Committee Chair reports the committee is preparing a final version of the development suite and test scripts for publication. The new version contains updates for changes to the protocol since the previous version of the development suite, and corrects known test deficiencies.

Keep up-to-date on all the activities of the GSA Technical Committees by attending meetings if you're a member. A full meeting schedule can be found here. The next major face-to-face meetings are scheduled for May and will be located in Providence, Rhode Island.

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