The Official Newsletter of GSA - Spring 2009

A Message From the President

GSA's standards, like any other standards development organization, solely depend on the volunteer participation of a small but highly technical and professional group of individuals to create and develop standards. To drive global adoption it is important that the knowledge we gained during the development is circulated to as many people as possible.

It was 2006 when GSA first ventured into education by underwriting a significant donation to support a partnership with UNLV. This proved to be a very valuable experience. Not only did we find out that bringing the people to the mountain was not practical in this global business, we realized that the appetite for education on our standards was increasing worldwide. In 2007 we started discussions with the Macau Polytechnic Institute (MPI) and soon after that we executed a collaboration agreement.

Line Robichaud was hired as our Education Director in early 2008. In a short period of time we established the GSA University program, website, developed the business plan to support the program and assembled the course material for the G2S standard. In addition, GSA published the GSA University 2009 global course schedule. GSA offered education courses for the first time at MPI in Macau in January 2009.

GSA University will continue to ensure that the G2S course material remains current with the latest version as released by our committees. Also the focus of 2009 will be to complete the course material for our Transport and Security standards and begin the development of the course material for the S2S v2 standard.

GSA University not only provides off-site programs, but companies can specifically request customized training. The on-site option provides the attendee with an added sense of freedom to discuss unique and confidential issues specifically related to your business while significantly saving on travel expenses.

As of February 2009, GSA training was provided to 115 people at six global locations and for 32 companies.

As GSA standards continue to grow, GSA University will be there as your partner in education; to ensure your engineers and executives are up to speed about the latest foundational technologies on which future gaming products will be built.

Peter DeRaedt, GSA President

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