Committee Update

The SAS™ Committee last met on July 8, 2003. The hot topic of conversation was of course, work progressing on the SAS Toolkit. The committee had just completed the latest revision of SAS™ 6.00 and the committee voted to approve the new SAS™ 6.01! The SAS™ 6.01 Toolkit which will be available to members at a reduced rate (and to sponsoring members, FREE!), will include the following features: Requirements specification based on SAS6.01 protocol specification, test scripts based on the Requirements specification which will be the basis of the certification program and the EGM and Host simulator applications. Additional details are as follows:

SAS™6.01 specification released on June 13, 2003
SAS™ toolkit awarded to Acres Gaming
Total value of $150,000
Target date for completion is November 2003
Costs: Sponsors – free of charge
Members fee (non sponsors) - $5,000
Non-members fee - $7,500

SAS™ toolkit sponsors are: Acres Gaming, Aristocrat Technogies, Bally Gaming, IGT, Mandalay Resort Group, WMS Gaming, Konami Gaming, Shufflemaster Gaming and Unidesa Gaming

The BOB Committee continues its drive towards the "Best of Breed" standard. The transport layer is taking longer than expected because they are trying to adhere to PC and Internet industry related standards. But, those industries do not have the level of message reliability requirements that the Gaming industry does. The BOB Committee has retained an IT expert to advise the committee in the definition and/or selection of the optimal solution. Right now, BOB is focusing on the meters schema and has a draft in review. The GDS devices and bonusing schemas are also being worked on and these will form the foundations of the Phase 1 deliverable for December.

Please come and visit GSA and the BOB Committee at G2E for a technical demonstration and presentation.

The GDS committee has created a functional requirements specification that calls out the functional aspects of the protocol and connector requirements for note acceptors, coin acceptors and coin hoppers. These devices are being addressed in Phase I while other devices, such as printers and touch screens will be addressed in subsequent Phases.

The committee, in May, approved the functional specification for general membership review and member feedback is currently being reviewed. The committee is expected to finalize the specification before September.

In addition, the GDS Committee, after review of several RFP’s, selected HCL Technologies, one of India's leading global IT services and product engineering companies, to assist in completion of diagnostic/compliance software, device driver API and specification documents that will be submitted to USB-IF for world wide standards ratification. HCL has specific experience in setting USB standards for the POS industry and we welcome them to the GDS team.

Meanwhile, many device manufacturers are well advanced in creating USB versions of their devices. A preliminary design spec and test tool is assisting member companies along the development process. Once the functional specification is finalized, firming up and releasing the design spec that will eventually be referred to as the ‘GSA Device Protocol and Connector Standard’ should be relatively quick, as much of the work has been done. The most important topic being discussed is related to connectors. Each device group will standardize on a connector, however obtaining an off-the-shelf solution that meets the requirements is proving challenging. The GDS committee has involved the Cable and Connector committee of USB-IF and many other leading connector manufacturers to find a solution.

The S2S committee has been continuing to work on extending the original S2S spec published in January of 2003. The key areas of focus are table gaming activities including player ratings, table game accounting and slot ticket redemption. The committee is currently soliciting interest to begin work on money counting and ticket validation devices and their interaction with accounting databases. It is hoped that we can provide the industry with a common protocol to process currency and tickets and post them into gaming systems, such as tables and slots.

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