Technical Committee Update

The BOB Committee is charged with identifying and defining a worldwide protocol for secure communication between gaming devices and gaming systems, as well as providing tools and documentation which assists with the implementation of the protocol.

The committee has just released the BOB Message Protocol v1.00, which is a worldwide protocol that ensures secure communication between gaming devices and gaming systems by relying on existing best of breed protocols in standard technology, namely TCP/IP and XML essentially broadband communication protocols that are widely in use today. At its most basic level, BOB defines the application layer what messages gaming machines are sending to gaming systems.

The GDS Committee defines the internal communication between processing units of an electronic gaming device and its peripheral equipment.

The committee is in the final phase of releasing the GDSv1.0 standard, which is a functional requirements specification that calls out the functional aspects of the protocol and connector requirements for note acceptors, coin acceptors and coin hoppers. These devices are being addressed in Phase I while other devices, such as printers and touch screens will be addressed in subsequent phases.

In addition, the committee is moving forward with the development of the GDS toolkit which is expected to be finished in Q4 of 2004.

The SAS™ Committee facilitates and provides the industry with input into SAS™ protocol development and implementation; test, development and support tools, including simulators and implementation guides to ensure consistent implementations; and the ability for standardized third party certification of the SAS™ protocol implementation.

Last year the committee released SAS™ 6.01, along with SAS™ 6.01 Interoperability Requirements Specification and SAS™6.01 FAQ.

This year the committee has released the SAS™ Toolkit v1.00 which includes a host simulator for use in testing EGM's, as well as EGM requirements documents and EGM test plans. For information on purchasing the toolkit please vist the GSA website at In addition, this past April the committee established GSA's SAS™6.01 Certification program.

The S2S Committee is charged with designing standard casino systems interface specifications and assisting with their implementation to reduce the engineering efforts required in developing, maintaining and enhancing customer specific casino configurations.

The committee has recently released its first standard. This standard runs parallel to BOB, picking up where BOB leaves off. S2S creates a standard where gaming and non-gaming systems from across the casino/hotel can interface, collect and communicate player information across the entire property, including table games, slots, marketing, hotel, food and beverage, and more. S2S eliminates current expensive barriers to entry, as well as barriers to exit, by relying on existing industry standards, such as TCP/IP and XML, and transport technologies such as Ethernet.

All GSA standards are available free of charge and per-use licensing to GSA members. Companies interested in membership, or for more information on GSA and its mission to bring important protocol standards to the gaming industry, visit GSA at

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