Member Update

As a member of GSA, you may be wondering: "What has GSA been doing for my company and the industry over the last year or so?"

Well, the answer to that question is – a lot!

In late 2003, the GSA Board of Directors met to discuss strategy for GSA and focus on the key events for GSA in 2004. The Board’s key strategies were: bring final standards to the industry, market those standards, make them available to members and evangelize GSA’s mission to create standards for the industry.

It’s June of 2004, and GSA is delivering!

GSA has delivered two major final standards to the industry and will complete a third in the near future. The BOB Message Protocol v1.00 and the S2S Message Protocol v1.00 are approved and ready for delivery. The GDS Peripheral Device Functional Requirements v1.00 is currently under final member review and is anticipated to be approved by the end of June. The GSA Technical Committee is already moving forward on the BOB Transport and Security over SOAP and HTTPS, and enhanced versions of S2S and GDS.

The GSA press department has been hard at work marketing those standards! A press release announcing the BOB and S2S standards went out on June 8 and versions appeared at the GSA Annual Meeting, Southern Gaming and the Gaming Technology Summit.

The GSA Board of Directors also developed a plan for making those standards easily available to the industry. The big question for most companies is: "Great, there’s a standard. Now, where do I get a license, how much will it cost me, and what are the rules?" The Board recognized that getting licenses for standards in the industry has been a problem in the past, and took steps to simplify the process. All members of GSA will be granted a free license to utilize GSA standards. Members who continue to renew their membership will gain access to the standards as they are improved and updated. In addition, the Board created new membership categories to fit every possible situation!

For more details on the new membership categories, please click HERE.

In order to let the industry know about standards and the importance of GSA’s mission, GSA and its member volunteers have been putting a great deal of effort into talking about GSA! Did you know that as a member company of GSA, your company's logo has appeared at numerous trade shows and speaking events? In 2004 alone, GSA participated in the ICE Show in London, had speakers and booth presence at Southern Gaming and GTS and will show a strong presence at the Rocky Mountain Gaming Summit and G2E. In addition to this, GSA Board Members and Technical Committee Chairs put a great deal of time into speaking to numerous audiences about the cause of standards.

At the most recent GSA Annual Meeting, a new white paper entitled "The Economic Conditions for Adoption of a Universal Communication Protocol by the Gaming Industry: An Analytical Map", was presented by Vincentas Vobolevicius, Research Associate, A&G Capital, NY. This white paper helps to explain the business reasons for supporting standards, and was created specifically for member use!

To read this white paper in its entirety please click HERE.

As you can see, GSA has been doing a lot for its members and the industry over the past year and the best is yet to come!

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