A Message From the President

Dear GSA members,

Impressive is what comes to mind when I see the GSA committees in action. The level of participation and professionalism during the meetings has increased substantially in parallel with the quality of the output. All participants remain focused on delivering the best solution for our industry in the most expedient fashion. You will also note an increase in stronger relationships between the various participants. Committee participants not only exchange general industry knowledge, they also find educational value in participating in GSA discussions. These are just some of the benefits we as an association offer to our members.

The year 2004 is a year of deliverables. We started our year in February with the release of the BOB v1.00 and S2S v1.00 protocols for membership review; this was followed in March with the release of the SAS™ 6.01 toolkit and the announcement of the GSA certification program. In April, both standards were presented to the membership for final vote. We will continue this trend throughout the year, as we are getting to closure on many initiatives GSA undertook years ago. In June you can expect the release of the BOB and S2S standards. This will be followed by the release of the BOB / S2S toolkits and the GDS standard.

Looking back at 2003, GSA had a very successful year; it was a year of solidifying our foundations as an organization. Our membership grew by 54% to 62 members; we recruited Michelle Olesiejuk, our Executive Director, full time, appointed Mark Pace of Harrah’s as Regulatory Advisory Chairman, appointed Bruce Rowe as VP of Business Development and ex-officio board member, put systems into place to support GSA with document posting and distribution, made our first call for IP disclosures and substantially increased our fiscal reserves.

During the last quarter of 2003 we have introduced our ‘Circle Of Excellence’ program together with Casino Enterprise Management magazine. The purpose of this program is to recognize individuals who have put in a tremendous amount of personal effort, outside their normal ‘already more than full’ daytime jobs, in ensuring that GSA achieves its mission.

I would like to take a minute to thank our membership for believing in GSA and for supporting our mission throughout the years. Looking back at 1998, many of us have traveled a long road together, and this year we should be able to enjoy the fruits of the relentless hours of hard work by the committee members, board members and our secretariat. A special thank you for the BOB A-team – Ethan Tower (Foxwoods Resort Casino), Line Robichaud (Spielo), Jim Morrow (Bally Gaming and Systems), Tom Ritchie (WMS Gaming), John Taylor (Atronic Americas), as well as the SAS Toolkit A-team for going through 1000’s of pages of very detailed test scripts and other documents – Chad Ryan (WMS Gaming), Fong Vang (GLI), and last but not least our consultants Marty Wegner, Tony Antonucci, Russ Ristine and Jeana Hines.

To close I would like to present a quote from ANSI (American National Standard Institute):

As a business competing in the global marketplace, you must be at the table where strategic standards policy issues are set. If you are not, you run the risk of:

  • Allowing your competitors to influence issues that affect your business
  • Passing up a unique opportunity to develop relationships with current or potential customers
  • Relinquishing access to valuable business intelligence

    Kind regards,

    Peter DeRaedt
    GSA President

    GSA Platinum Members: