A Message From the President

Dear GSA Members,

I’m pleased to report that the second quarter of 2005 will prove to be the most active and successful time in our organization’s history.

GSA has been hard at work since its inception in May of 1998 to bring open standards to the industry. It is with pleasure that I can say that day has arrived. GSA is ready to show off its success to the world! Exactly 7 years after the founding of this organization, the GSA Board of Directors has unanimously approved the release of all membership approved standards to the industry. GSA standards are now available on our public web site for free to view and download at www.gamingstandards.com.

GSA’s standards, S2S, BOB and GDS will have a direct and immediate impact on the industry.

The S2S v1.1 standard has been embraced by the industry and the first successful installations took place in Alabama and Florida. This solves a real business need in the Class II market. It is now possible to offer Class II consolidated accounting, player tracking and ticket in/ticket out.

Thanks to Ethan Tower and Russ Ristine GSA held its second “BOB Under the Hood” training session in Las Vegas. It was attended by more than 40 delegates from Aristocrat Technologies, Bally Gaming & Systems, BMM, GLI, GTECH, Integrity Gaming, Konami Gaming, Multimedia Games, Nova Gaming, Progressive Gaming, R. Franco, Rocket Gaming, Transact Technologies, Viejas Casino and WMS Gaming. During this session the latest version of the BOB Simulators were released, which allowed the participants to have a real hands on experience.

The Gaming Device Standard (GDS) committee has now finalized the Note Acceptor Protocol v1.0, the Bar Coded Ticket Specification v1.0, the Coin Acceptor Protocol v1.0 and the GDS Coin Hopper Protocol v1.0 standards. The group is just finishing work on the Touch Screen Protocol v1.0 and has begun work on the printer protocol. The committee worked with the USB-IF standards setting body, and was recently awarded with its own Gaming Device usage page within the USB standard.

Of course GSA will continue to support these standards and encourage their implementation. Protocol Certification is an important program for GSA and its members. GSA has set the tone for collaboration on protocol testing, and we are working with various private labs to create consolidated test scripts and agreed upon testing methodologies. GSA has been recognized by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), whom after independently reviewing the BOB message protocol v1.1 informed GSA that the standard complies with the GLI requirements (GLI 11, GLI 12, GLI 13, GLI 16, GLI 17, GLI 18). They also highlighted additional benefits that the protocol is offering. GSA has received strong industry commitment for the rapid development and implementation of the BOB message protocol.

As always, I’d like to salute the many GSA volunteers and consultants who have worked diligently and within record time to deliver to GSA the simulators that brought the BOB standard v1.1 to practice! Marty Wegner, Tony Antonucci, Russ Ristine and Jeana Hines have done an incredible job. Thank you all.

It is a very exciting time for the members of GSA. Open communication standards will prove to be the catalyst that moves the industry forward and removes the stranglehold this industry has been under for so many years!

Kind regards,

Peter DeRaedt
GSA President

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