Technical Committee Update

As GSA heads into the 3nd quarter of 2006, change is in the air. The G2S committee is finalizing their new standard and preparing to send it for member approval. GSA's other committee's are also hard at work and just concluded their highly successful face-to-face meetings in Rhode Island, hosted by GTECH.

The G2S Committee chair, Jim Morrow of Bally Technologies reports that the core classes of G2S are being re-worked based upon the member comment. Five application classes were approved for member comment on May 30. He expects the remaining application classes to be released for member comment by mid-June. It should be noted that all classes are now in official GSA format so that once the 30-day member comment period is over and the changes resultant there-from incorporated, the work to release them for membership vote and adoption is minimal. The committee is beginning discussion of certification and testing. Based upon business needs provided by GSA's Architectural Oversight Committee and Board of Directors, the G2S Committee will work on the specifics or what classes are required for G2S certification, or levels of certification. This effort will lead to setting testing specifics to be used in the certification process

The GDS Committee chair, Abdul Ali of Aristocrat Technologies stated that the committee has released version 1.1 of the Coin Acceptor, Note Acceptor, Hopper and Touch Screen standards. The committee has also released new standards, namely, Printer Protocol 1.0, Page Description Language 1.0 and the Card Reader 1.0 standard. The committee continues to work on finalizing the connector document standard.

Walt Eisele of Bally Technologies, the S2S Committee chair reports that the S2S committee has gotten the 1.2 version of the S2S protocol through the 30-day member comment period and prepared for process review. The process review will take place during the June BOD meeting. Once the review process is complete, it will go to the GSA membership for the 30-day voting period. After that has been completed, the version 1.2 will be official and publicly available for use.

There was an additional unforeseen delay with the protocol release. During the final committee review after the membership comment period, it was determined that it would be best to add the G2S event list to the protocol rather than relying upon each implementation vendor to define the event codes to be used. This is a logical step as a precursor to the integration of G2S into the S2S protocol.

Though there were some delays in the version 1.2 release, valuable additions and changes were made providing a solid deliverable that will give the industry what is required until the next major changes is complete.

The focus of the committee has turned to the initial stages of G2S integration. Early efforts include evaluation of the G2S meter model impact and an overall review of the G2S protocol to date by the committee. Additional activities over the next few months will include work with HTNG and their standards as well as additional S2S message classes to better support G2S implementations.

Mansour Esmaili of Aristocrat Technologies, the SAS Protocol Committee chair reports that the GSA SAS committee is in the process of publishing a SAS FAQ document. The committee is preparing a new version of the SAS Toolkit that is going through its final touch-ups. The new toolkit will be the basis for establishing of the SAS interoperability.

Line Robichaud of GTECH and chair of the Transport Committee reports that as part of its recent activities, the committee has released and the membership has approved a WS-1 compliant version of the S2S WSDL. The Multicast Transport Specification is currently out to ballot; the results of that ballot will be announced on June 26.

A WS-1 compliant WSDL for G2S has been updated to address comments received during the membership comment period, at the May GSA meetings a motion was passed to send this updated G2S WSDL to the BOD for process review. Following process review this will be sent out for full membership vote.

The Transport Committee is in the final internal committee review stages of the GSA Point-to-Point SOAP/HTTPS Transport Specification and the Certificate Management Specification. The committee plans to release these documents for membership comment in the very near future vote

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