The Official Newsletter of GSA - Summer 2007

A Message From the President

As summer approaches and the temperature outside begins to rise, the temperature inside at the various engineering departments is rising even faster. The vendors are moving quickly into the implementation phase and developing new and exciting features enabled by these new standards.

Over the last couple of months the Gaming Standards Association has received numerous awards as recognition for the work we have completed. These accomplishments have drawn the attention of the operator community; most recently at the Gaming Technology Summit. Indeed, G2S (Game-to-System) is the foundational technology that will change the way we do business. Server based gaming will be the single most strategic tool to differentiate the business and create incremental value for operators. The G2S standard will unleash applications and services not even imagined today. Let's consider what the internet was 10 years ago and how business value is being created today. Great success stories were born such as eBay, Google and MySpace which are examples of companies having a profound impact on everyone's lives. The ability to upsell and package games must be very exiting to many operators. Like the Internet we will see the benefits of a common standard which has far reaching consequences than the current discussion topics of central configuration of and data / game download. These new open networks are all about connections, the ability to reach the player in as many places as possible. Consumers will dictate what they want to play, when they want to play and where they want to play. It is very much like watching television where the viewer is in control and decides what program to watch at what time and for how long.

Following the analogy with MySpace, you can call the new slot machine MySlot. Players will now be able to configure machines the way they want, select the color and sound schemes they enjoy, play against other players in a team way that they favor and play the games they like.

I am very excited and look forward to the innovation that will be enabled with GSA's open standards. It is truly foundational technology.

Peter DeRaedt, GSA President

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