The Official Newsletter of GSA - Summer 2008

A Message From the President

Gaming is changing, GSA standards are being adopted and the industry as well as the investment community are finally getting over the old buzz words of server based gaming. The gaming community is realizing that it is all about networked gaming. During the last couple of months, I joined many of our members on multiple panel discussions where we articulated the power of networked gaming.

GSA standards have taken a long time to develop. In order to drive and support global adoption, GSA is committed to honor one of the cornerstones of its mission statement - education.

Last year we started by offering a program through the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) where 33 representatives from 6 countries and 20 different companies were enrolled in the UNLV-GSA educational program. Of those representatives, 25 were certified for G2S and 17 in Transport and Security. During this time we quickly realized that there was significantly more interest in the program if we could bring education to the people instead of the people to Las Vegas.

By re-directing the reserved educational funds we were able to hire Line Robichaud as GSA's Educational Director. Line will be in charge of developing a self-sustaining global educational program that will offer high quality education on all our standards. The program will be offered both on-site and off-site. As a past chair of the G2S and Transport Committees as well as former software developer and implementer of the standards, she will add significant value to the GSA training programs. Line is in the process of reworking the program and details will be available in the near future at However, if you have an interest in receiving training for your engineers or executives or want to simply find out when the next training takes place in your part of the world, contact Michelle Olesiejuk at or 1.510.492.4063 for the latest details.

This is the beginning of GSA University! We believe this program will add significant value to those companies who want to keep their engineers and executives up-to-speed and are looking for on-going training and updates to the future releases of our standards.

Peter DeRaedt, GSA President

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