The Official Newsletter of GSA - Summer 2009

A Message From the President

GSA Certification Program - What's in it for me?

Open standards offer flexibility, innovation and freedom of choice. However, without the ability to get an assurance that a product conforms to a standard, you create a larger problem then simply staying with a proprietary technology. The freedom that open standards provide has a price: provide the buyer the appropriate assurance that your product conforms. In other words, make sure it is GSA Certified. It is easy for operators to understand the importance, but what about manufacturers?

Why should I care invest the extra money and time if my customer does not request it? Let's ask ourselves the question - what is the cost of an error in the field? A single error at your customer's premises could have a profound impact on your business. You need to send people in the field to debug the problem and that alone is expensive. In addition the error has very likely spread to other customers that have the same games and/or systems deployed. Any modification to the game code requires a new regulatory approval. This definitely has an impact on your time to market plus it's an additional expense. You will likely lose goodwill with your customer and it could affect future sales.

GSA Certification, the step where a GSA accredited testing facility validates the implementation of a specific GSA communication standard, provides significant value. It can be seen as a quality assurance function where you use an independent accredited body validating your implementation. However certification alone is not enough, ideally you want to take your products into an interoperability lab to test it in a production level environment.

GSA Certification is important and the dividend is that it will significantly contribute to the overall quality of the product. As operators request products and systems to be GSA Certified, one can expect a significant improvement in satisfaction level.

The GSA Certification Program is ready and available at Ask your vendors to get certified, and stop worrying.

Peter DeRaedt, GSA President

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