A Message From the President

Dear GSA members,

As 2004 draws to a close, it is clear that GSA has reached many of its goals. GSA proclaimed that this year we would deliver on our promises. I am proud to say GSA has delivered on its promise of bringing standards and tools to the gaming industry. For that I would like to thank all our members, their committee participants and our consultants and staff who have done an extraordinary job pulling this all together. GSA was able to deliver to the industry the BOB, S2S and GDS standards complemented by their development suites. The SAS committee successfully launched the GSA SAS toolkit.

During the G2E show in Las Vegas, GSA successfully demonstrated its standards and software tools in action. I am particularly grateful to the companies that have demonstrated and implemented products based on GSA standards.

Member companies are benefiting from significant savings through various GSA products, which have a direct impact on R&D expenses and faster approvals, this in turn decreases time to market.

We do this by bringing the brightest people within the industry together. Such collaboration leads to an environment where the best ideas flourish and are incorporated into rich, powerful protocols. The concept of idea sharing and collaboration is one of interest and significance. GSA’s membership has hit a record high of 76 participating companies from around the world.

In this issue of GSA’s newsletter, you’ll get a full update on what our technical committees have been working on. We will bring you detailed information on each committee’s recent activities, as well as what the future holds.

As an organization GSA continues to be the leader in unifying the industry. You will notice many changes to our website. Key information has been added to aid our members and supporters. From simple, easy to read fact sheets outlining our standards to convenient product support mechanisms, GSA offers cutting edge material right at your fingertips.

In 2005, GSA intends to bring standards to a larger percentage of the marketplace. With outreach programs, like our new Asia Membership Committee, the first ever GSA technical training session “BOB Under the Hood” (Jan 2005), our Interoperability Demo (July 2005) and strong presence at key industry events, we plan to inform and educate the industry on the benefits of standardization.

Looking forward to the New Year, I am excited at all GSA will offer and accomplish. 2004 was the year of delivery, 2005 shall be the year of adoption. Together we can change the gaming industry for the better.

Kind regards,

Peter DeRaedt
GSA President

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