A Message From the President

Dear GSA Members,

What an exiting year this has been. While the DVD format war continues to stifle innovation and confuse the consumer world, thanks to the re-joining of IGT and their commitment towards GSA, the gaming industry can look forward to industry wide protocol standardization. This will have a tremendous impact on the future of the gaming business and bring about savings that operators might not yet realize.

At the G2E tradeshow in Las Vegas everyone witnessed the presence of the S2S standard protocol implementations by the industry. After the tradeshow, Global Gaming Business recognized GSA's S2S standard as the best productivity-enhancement technology. Indeed S2S has been rapidly embraced by various system suppliers in the class 2 world since the beginning of 2005. It is currently deployed at multiple properties in Florida and Oklahoma.

GSA Around the World: Thanks to Ross Ferrar of AGMMA, we were given the opportunity to address delegates in Macau about the importance of standards for the region. During our recent trip to Sydney, John Carr Gregg of AGMMA, organized a meeting with all the AGMMA board members, which provided us an opportunity to introduce our latest achievements. I am particularly pleased to announce that in early November the board of AGMMA publicly endorsed the GSA standards within the state of NSW, Australia.

We have exchanged membership with HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) to work together on the proliferation of industry wide standards.

During the recently held Board Strategic Planning meeting, the key objectives for 2006 were set. The main objective is the completion of the integration of what is known today as the BOB and SuperSAS protocols into a yet to be named new game-to-system protocol. In addition, we will also address integrating the gaming peripheral protocols GDS and SPC (IGT's proprietary solution). Other key objectives are to activate our certification program and to ensure GSA has the support and systems in place to continue its vital role; managing the evolution of its standards. As a result, GSA is looking to hire a full time Director of Technology to support the continued development of standards and manage the various toolkit developments. It is important that we also address succession planning and have the staff to support the various tasks ahead of us.

We will further seek to engage operators in emerging markets like Asia, Russia and the UK to make certain that they understand the compelling business reasons for using GSA standards. This will fuel the market pull of our standards as it will provide the operators with technological stability and growth instead of investing in technology that may soon become obsolete.

With the whole industry working toward the same goal of open standards, 2006 promises to be a very exciting year. I am confident we will see actual GSA standards based products in the testing labs for approval and ready to go to market by G2E in November.

2006 will be a pinnacle year for all of us who have been working hard to make open standards a reality. Let this be the year of 'GSA Inside.'

From members who belong and believe... to members using GSA standards that create value!

Kind regards,

Peter DeRaedt
GSA President

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