The Official Newsletter of GSA - Winter 2008

Operator Advisory Committee Update

G2E 08 was the perfect venue for the Operator Advisory Committee (OAC) to meet in Las Vegas. The committee is chaired by Don Karrer, Penn National Gaming and the November session was quite productive.

The committee attempted a one-time experiment which was to allow non-GSA member operators to participate in the meeting. The result was a huge success (assuming the additional participants follow through with their commitment to join the OAC). The expanded committee will include members representing the majority of the major lottery companies throughout Canada. Several of the Canadian and U.S. lottery members have already started working on compiling a business requirements document which will be used to create another new class. This class will assist them with the process of standardizing some of the unique requirements of their businesses. Once completed, the requirements will then be forwarded to the appropriate Technical committee for further review and analysis.

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