OGC: Online Gaming Committee

The Online Gaming Committee address a broad range of communications needs in the online gaming space. These include communications between gaming platforms and third-party game services, communications between gaming platforms and central monitoring (regulatory) systems, and communications between gaming platforms and back-end service providers such as payment processors and geo-location services.

GSA’s Online Gaming Committee (OGC) is a committee within GSA with a variety of options for membership. Organizations can join as a ‘Committee Only’ member, or choose one of the membership levels that allows access to all committees. GSA Membership costs are here.

All GSA Technical committees require that members ‘opt-in.’ That is, agree to certain patent policies regarding all our standards and a licensing agreement for any OGC standards produced. Organizations can review and download the licensing agreement. Licensing costs are listed in the agreement.

The OGC has produced a new standard, the Third-Party Game Interface (TPI). Members can obtain this standard by submitting a newly executed ‘opt-in’ form that outlines the new licensing requirements. If your organization is a member of GSA, please send a request to sec@gamingstandards.com and ask for a copy of the standard to be sent to you. If you have not yet opted into the committee, you will be asked to do so, prior to being sent a copy.

For more information on GSA and Online Gaming, and how you can participate, please see our membership guidelines and forms.