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The Blockchain Committee manages the following standards:

  • There are no current standards for this committee.

The Blockchain Committee (BCC) is charged with i) identifying the blockchain technology and implementation methodology must appropriate for the Gaming Industry and ii) creating a framework for interoperability with external systems, both blockchain-based and non-blockchain-based, for sharing information.

The Scope of the Blockchain Committee is limited to the identification of the most appropriate technology and documenting the interoperability methodologies for sending and receiving information from external sources, taking into consideration the needs of the entire Gaming Industry inclusive of Regulatory Authorities.

The Scope shall not include (a) the development of any production software; or (b) undertaking the support or maintenance of any production software or applications developed based on the Committees recommendation(s).

The committee shall:

  1. Consider all blockchain technologies to fulfill its charter.
  2. Use commonly accepted computer industry standards whenever possible.
  3. Solicit input from GSA members, GSA committees and industry groups.
  4. Take into consideration blockchain related activities within related industries.
  5. Identify and prioritize areas, creating use-cases, where blockchain can have the most impact.
  6. Produce, under the direction of the Chair, an annual plan with objectives that are consistent with the GSA’s annual plan or board directives.