There are two types of committees in GSA, technical and non-technical. A technical committee develops technical standards in accordance with their specific charter. A non-technical committee identifies, studies, evaluates, discusses, and proposes specific business requirements, guidelines or templates to the BOD for consideration of inclusion into existing or new technical standards.

The BOD approves the creation of technical or non-technical committees as a result of a request from the membership for a new standard or the solution to a problem. The request must include an overview of the proposed standard, a draft charter, a development timeline, an agenda for the initial committee meeting, and written support from a minimum of three (3) Members. All requesting Members must commit to providing resources.

Members of a technical committee are required to ‘opt-in’ as a pre-requisite to participate in the technical committee as specified under GSA’s Patent Policy. Technical committee membership carries with it specific responsibilities with regards to GSA’s Patent Policy and licensing. Technical committee Members are encouraged to know and understand their responsibilities under this policy.