The Gaming Standards Association presents a key technology event, GSA Technology Summit: Focus Blockchain. What is driving the accelerating adoption of blockchain? GSA’ Technology Summit focuses on educating attendees on Blockchain as a key foundational technology, explains how applications such as ‘Cryptocurrencies’ utilize it, and how it is being deployed in various industries. As such, the panels in this conference have been geared towards business leaders, the Industry Domain, as well as legislators and regulators and the Policy Domain. Attendees from the Industry Domain should be at the CIO, COO and VP level, responsible for understanding and leading the deployment of transformational technologies within their companies. Attendees from the Policy Domain should be Representatives and Regulatory Agency Directors responsible for enacting and enforcing laws and regulations within their jurisdictions. Blockchain technology can be compared to the revolution that the Internet brought to the world and attendees will benefit from real-world deployments of this technology and the benefits being derived in a variety of industries. Join GSA for this in-depth conference on the topic.

Nov 8th – Nov 9th, 2018 @ Nevada Museum of Art
160 West Liberty Street, Reno, NV, USA
For more information: +1 (510) 492 4061sec@gamingstandards.com

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